About Peter

Just Another Person Who Loves the Outdoors!

How It All Started…

My name is Peter, and my love for the great outdoors has become my sanctuary from life’s pressures. For over a decade, I grappled with the stress and grind of warehouse and industry jobs. The taxing nature of this work pushed me to seek something more fulfilling—something closer to my roots and essential values.

The breaking point came after navigating through personal hardships, including a marriage in 2014 that ended in divorce three years later. These experiences left me feeling trapped in a dead-end job and questioning the life I’d built.

That’s when I started exploring the natural world around me. The simple act of walking on local nature trails became my escape, a way to exhale the stress of corporate and industrial life. This led me to camping and backpacking, which soon turned into more than just weekend getaways; they became a lifestyle.

Little did I know that embracing off-grid living and sustainable practices would be the therapy I didn’t know I needed. The stressors of my past jobs are now eclipsed by the satisfaction of building a life that’s true to who I am.

Writing about sustainable and off-grid living, camping, and outdoor exploration has not only been soothing but has also brought purpose to my life. Sharing these experiences with you makes me grateful for the journey that’s led me here. If my writings can help you find your own path or simply offer a moment of peace, then I consider my job well done.

So, come along, and let’s explore the joys of a simpler, more sustainable life together.

What Are My Goals…

My ultimate goal is to offer valuable insights drawn from my personal experiences, aiming to guide you toward the information you seek. As a part-time blogger with aspirations to go full-time, I’m committed to building a trustworthy and transparent platform. I prioritize honesty in every blog post, ensuring that the advice and tips you receive are genuine and reliable.

If you ever have questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help you navigate the complexities of sustainable living and off-grid practices with ease and confidence.

You can reach me at peter@peterheinzl.com.


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Let’s Do It Together

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