Airhead Composting Toilet Review 2024

Composting toilets have been rapidly gaining popularity among environmentally conscious homeowners, boat and RV owners, and tiny home dwellers. 

Unlike traditional flush toilets which require large amounts of water, composting toilets are a sustainable alternative that turns human waste into usable compost through natural decomposition. With water conservation being an increasing concern, more people such as myself are looking to compost toilets as an eco-friendly sanitation solution.

But, what if your choice involves comparing features across various reputable composting toilets—how will you decide which one meets your needs?

Let’s continue to explore why the Airhead Composting toilet is one of the best reputable models on the market.

What is the Airhead Composting Toilet?


The Airhead composting toilet is a non-electric, waterless toilet designed specifically for use in small spaces like boats, RVs, caravans, and cabins. It utilizes a natural biological process to convert human waste into safe compost. 

Key features of the Airhead toilet

Compact size – At just 22 x 20 x 21 inches, it can fit into tight spaces and allows for flexible installation.

Lightweight – Weighing only 27 pounds, the toilet is easy to transport and reposition. 

Waterless operation – It doesn’t require a water hookup or chemicals, making it completely self-contained.

Continuous composting – An internal fan circulates air to accelerate the composting process while a filter traps odors.

Urine diverter – A separable bowl diverts urine to allow optimal composting conditions in the main tank. 

Large capacity – It can handle over 60 uses before needing to empty the compost material.

The innovative yet simple design makes the Airhead toilet an ideal solution for off-grid sanitation needs. Its compact size and robust composting functionality are perfectly suited for marine and RV applications.

Benefits of Airhead Composting Toilets

The Airhead composting toilet offers several key benefits that make it an excellent choice for boat or RV owners looking to go green.

A 5 Year Warranty covers all Air Head Composting Toilets. Amazing right!!

Environmental Impact

One of the biggest perks of the Airhead is its sustainability. Unlike traditional marine toilets that use fresh water to flush into holding tanks, the Airhead is a dry toilet that produces compost as an end product. This allows you to avoid dumping sewage overboard or into onshore sanitary systems. The Airhead toilet is therefore much better for the environment, especially important for boats operating in sensitive coastal or inland waterways.

By using little to no water, the Airhead also helps conserve freshwater supplies onboard your vessel. This can extend how long you can live off the grid and reduce how often you need to fill up water tanks. The water savings quickly add up over months or years of use.

Cost Savings 

Although the upfront cost of a composting toilet like the Airhead may be higher than a standard marine head, you’ll save substantially in the long run by avoiding pumpouts, treatment chemicals, and replacement parts that traditional toilets require.

The minimal electrical draw of the Airhead’s small fan is also more affordable to operate than macerating or vacuum toilets. With potentially thousands of dollars in lifetime savings, the Airhead pays for itself over time.

Ease of Use

Thanks to its clever yet simple design, the Airhead is user-friendly and easy to operate. There’s no need to manually add treatment chemicals, no complicated mechanical flushing mechanisms, and no holding tank to monitor. Simply use it as needed, empty the compost bin periodically, and enjoy clean, odor-free operation.

For boats and RVs already equipped with a traditional marine toilet, the Airhead is relatively straightforward to install as a replacement. It’s compact size and all-in-one design slots into existing spaces with minimal retrofitting required. Overall, the Airhead composting toilet provides a fuss-free, practical onboard sanitation solution.

Real User Reviews

The Airhead composting toilet has received largely positive reviews from boat and RV owners. Users praise the toilet’s compact size, ease of installation, and maintenance-free operation. Many reviewers mention how quiet and odorless the toilet is, even after extended use, making it ideal for small living spaces.

Here are some of the pros mentioned frequently in reviews.

  • Easy to install in tight spaces
  • No plumbing required 
  • Produces no odors when used properly
  • Very little maintenance needed
  • Allows freedom from dumping holding tanks

There are a few negatives brought up by some users.

  • The toilet seat is smaller than a residential toilet
  • Requires emptying compost bin regularly 
  • The fan is a bit noisy, but not too intrusive
  • Can get pricey compared to other composting toilets

Overall, most reviews indicate that Airhead is an excellent solution for boat, RV, and off-grid use. Users say it’s simple to use, requires minimal maintenance, and provides reliable operation. While the smaller size may take some getting used to, most feel the benefits far outweigh any minor negatives.

Basic Installation Guide

3 straightforward and hassle-free installation

Installing the Airhead composting toilet is a straightforward process that most DIYers can complete on their own. Here is an overview of the key steps.

  1. Choose an appropriate location. The toilet should be installed in an enclosed space with adequate ventilation. Make sure there is enough clearance around the toilet for the lid to open fully.
  2. Prepare the mounting surface. Secure a stable wooden base to the floor. This provides a level surface to bolt down the toilet. 
  3. Assemble the main toilet components. The toilet tank, seating unit, and agitator are designed to fit together with minimal hardware required.
  4. Connect the ventilation hose. A 4-inch vent hose runs from the back of the toilet up through the roof. This removes odors and provides airflow.
  5. Hook up the 12V power connection. The agitator runs on DC power, so wiring to a nearby battery is required. 
  6. Attach the toilet to the base. After assembly, the toilet can be bolted securely to the prepared wooden base.
  7. Add the finishing touches. Caulk around the base and make any final adjustments before use.
Airhead Composting Toilet RV Upgrade

With basic tools and following the instructions, installing the Airhead is a straightforward weekend project. Taking the time to correctly assemble and mount the toilet will ensure optimal performance.

Maintenance Tips You Must Know

The Airhead composting toilet is designed to be very low maintenance. However, there are a few things you’ll need to do regularly to keep it functioning properly.  

Tip 1 – Emptying 

About once a week, you’ll need to empty the solid waste container. This is very simple – just remove the container, dispose of the contents in a proper composting receptacle, and put the empty container back in place. The toilet will come with extra containers to make the process easy.

Tip 2 – Cleaning

You’ll want to clean the toilet bowl, seat, and housing every couple of weeks with a mild all-natural cleaner and brush. Avoid harsh chemicals. The fan and vent stack should also be periodically dusted and wiped down. 

Tip 3 – Troubleshooting Issues

If you notice odors, it likely means the solid waste container needs to be emptied. Leaks most often occur if the waste container is overfilled. Just clean any leaks right away and be sure to empty at recommended intervals. If airflow seems decreased, check that vents aren’t obstructed. Refer to manufacturer guidelines for any other troubleshooting.

With just a little routine care, the Airhead composting toilet will function optimally for years. The minimal effort is well worth it for the environmental benefits and convenience!

Comparisons to Other Brands

The Airhead composting toilet stands out when compared to other popular brands on the market such as Nature’s Head, Sun-Mar, and Separett. 

Here’s how it stacks up.


The Airhead has one of the smallest footprints out of any residential composting toilet. At just 22″ x 20″, it can fit into the tightest of spaces in boats, RVs, and cabins. By comparison, Nature’s Head measures 22″ x 28″, while Sun-Mar units are larger. This makes the Airhead an ideal choice when space is limited.

Hassle-free operation 

With its simple design and straightforward operation, the Airhead is easier to use day-to-day than more complex units like Separett. The single lever design makes it simple to add composting material after use. Nature’s Head also offers easy maintenance, but some users report that Airhead is slightly more user-friendly.


The Airhead hits a nice sweet spot of offering an affordable price while still delivering quality performance. It’s priced lower than the stainless steel Separett but higher than DIY composting toilet options. Nature’s Head is also competitively priced with the Airhead. Overall, it provides excellent value for money compared to alternatives.

So if space, simplicity, and price are important factors for you, the compact and budget-friendly Airhead is hard to beat.

What is the cost of Airhead Waterless Toilet? 

The Airhead composting toilet is priced at $1,095 on the airheadtoilet website. While initially more expensive than some traditional toilets, it eliminates ongoing costs for chemicals, water, and tank emptying, potentially saving over $1,000 in five years.

It also conserves water and offers significant long-term savings, making it an economical choice over its 10-15-year lifespan.

If you’re like me and ensure every dollar spent is a wise investment, you’ll see that this extraordinary toilet is worth every penny, providing long-term savings and sustainability.

Conclusion – Should You Buy the Airhead Waterless Toilet?

Drawing on extensive experience in eco-friendly products, the Airhead composting toilet gets my expert approval. Its compact, efficient design simplifies installation and maintenance while effectively eliminating odors.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to reduce water usage and turn waste into an eco-friendly asset. If you’re considering an upgrade from traditional toilets, the Airhead offers substantial benefits and durability.

Exploring more eco-friendly solutions? Whether you’re outfitting a tiny house or setting up off-grid, my comprehensive guides to the best composting toilets will help you make an informed decision. Dive into my articles on composting toilets for tiny houses and off-grid living for more tips.

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