Boxio Toilet for Camping: Why It’s a Game Changer in 2024


What if the next big innovation in camping wasn’t a tent or a sleeping bag, but a toilet? Introducing the Boxio Toilet for camping will not only change the way you camp but make it extraordinary.

This new player on the market, straight from Germany, offers campers a unique solution that combines convenience with sustainability. Constructed primarily from recycled plastic, its design guarantees up to 8-10 uses before needing disposal, and its compact dimensions ensure it can fit seamlessly into your camping setup.

So, as you prepare for your next wilderness escape, think about elevating your experience with the Boxio. There’s a lot more to discover about composting toilets beyond Boxio, and I’ve highlighted them in another post.

Why settle for less when you can have the best portable camping toilets?

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What is the Boxio Toilet?

image of the boxio toilet for camping - what-is-the-boxio-toilet

The Boxio Toilet looks just like a box – something you’d never initially associate with a toilet. It’s a compact self-contained composting system tailored for campers, adventurers, and homeowners. Crafted from recycled plastic, it’s an eco-friendly and lightweight alternative that completely ditches chemicals and water, perfect for those always on the move.

Getting to Know Boxio Toilet

Boxio Toilet isn’t just another camping toilet. Imagine it as the upgrade every modern camper has been waiting for. With Boxio, you can forget about using water or those icky chemicals. 

Mother Nature takes care of everything here, and we’re talking no pollution. If you’re thinking about that off-the-grid adventure or maybe a long camping trip, Boxio is the green sidekick you want to have.

Boxio Compost Toilet Vs. Those Other Camping Toilets

So, what makes Boxio so special compared to other camping toilets? First off, it’s super easy to carry. Going on a road trip? Maybe need a quick solution for your garden shed.

Boxio is compact and doesn’t weigh a ton. And here’s the best part: it won’t empty your pockets like some of those other fancy composting toilets such as the Air Head Composting Toilet.  

Plus, with Boxio, you’re making a cleaner choice for our Earth compared to those chemical-filled alternatives. 

The 8 Game Changers of the Boxio Toilet for Camping – Explained

image of the boxo portable camping toilet

You know, when I first came across the Boxio Toilet, I thought, “What’s the big deal?” But then I dug a little deeper, and trust me, these eight features? 

Absolute game changers and here’s why…

1. Eco-friendly Functionality

You and I, love the outdoors, right? And we want to protect it. That’s where the Boxio Toilet shines. It composts, which means less wastewater and a greener camping experience. It’s a smart move for those of us who care about our surroundings.

2. Space Saver

Talk to any camper and they’ll agree that when it comes to camping gear, size matters. The Boxio Toilet is no exception. 

It has dimensions of 15.75 x 11.81 x 11.42 inches. To put it simply, it’s about the size of a small backpack, making it a perfect fit for your camper van or tent.

 And with it being just over 6 pounds, it’s light enough to carry without breaking a sweat. For those who appreciate saving space and traveling light, the Boxio Toilet is a solid choice.

3. Durability and Reliability

While the Boxio Toilet is compact, don’t let its size fool you. It’s crafted from regenerated plastic which means it’s both durable and sustainable. 

You are not just getting a toilet that’s gentle on the planet but one that’s built to withstand unpredictable outdoor conditions. Whether it’s a rainstorm or a windy night, the Boxio Toilet is designed to last, and it does so brilliantly.

4. Easy Maintenance and Clean-up

One of the most off-putting things about camping is the clean-up, especially when it comes to the toilet. The beauty of the Boxio Toilet is its design. 

With its hygienic solid waste container of 1.3 gallons, coupled with a separate leak-proof canister for urine, it keeps things tidy. 

And when it’s time to clean? Simply put the solid waste in the trash and pour the liquid into an appropriate disposal spot.

5. Odor Management

The common complaint with portable toilets? The smell. 

But the Boxio Toilet has a trick up its sleeve. By using the HEMPLITTER and PLUG, it’s designed to combat and minimize those unpleasant odors.

So, you get a toilet experience without the unexpected and unwanted smells. Don’t forget to clean the toilet regularly with a damp cloth to help keep nasty odors away as well.

6. Safety Features

Nobody wants a mess especially when you are out camping with friends.

The solid waste container has a sturdy lid, making sure everything stays put. As for the urine canister, there’s no chance of leaks. And since there are no chemicals in the mix, you can empty it straight into regular toilets. 

Rest easy, knowing your camping nights will be free of any unexpected messes.

7. Saves You Money

In the long run, the Boxio Toilet is kind on your wallet. With its composting function, you’re reducing waste, which means less money spent on waste disposal.

The best thing here is it doesn’t require batteries or any power source. It’s a manual unit, which means no extra costs for energy or replacements. 

Plus, it’s more affordable than most composting toilets on the market. Talk about a win-win! This amazing unit goes for $259 regular price, but you can find these on Amazon as low as $229.

8. User Reviews and Testimonials

Real-world feedback can offer invaluable insights. Here’s a snapshot of what actual users have said about the Boxio Toilet.

“Karen likes the Boxio Toilet but feels it could be a tad more ergonomic for comfort as it is uncomfortable for your bottom.”

Karen (Verified Purchase, U.S.)

My bottom line

Comfort is crucial. The Boxio team might want to consider some design tweaks to up the coziness factor especially the seat where you sit.

“Nuria appreciates the customer service but sees the Boxio as a bit basic for its price. She highlighted a few functional issues but noted its market affordability and functionality.”

Nuria (Verified Purchase, Spain) 

My bottom line

While Boxio is a good functional pick, there seems to be room for some refinements, especially when it comes to user experience. Price for example might be a huge factor here.

“Bernhard praises the Boxio Toilet as a commendable alternative to chemical versions. However, he points out some concerns regarding the quality of materials and the practicality of emptying the canister.”

Bernhard (Verified Purchase, Germany) 

My bottom line

Material and design can elevate user experience. It sounds like there’s potential for Boxio to optimize both. But honestly, emptying your urine canister straight to a toilet is just so easy. 

Get Your Boxio

Boxio Composting Toilet – Portable Camping Toilet

Upgrade Your Camping Experience: Meet Boxio Toilet, a compact wonder transforming outdoor sanitation. Made from recycled plastic, it promises a chemical-free, eco-conscious journey. Features like efficient composting and odor management set it apart. Durable and budget-friendly, it’s the adventurer’s choice.

Uses Beyond Just Camping

image of couple camping-uses beyond camping
Photo by cottonbro studio

Using the Boxio toilet isn’t limited to camping trips. Let’s explore the many other ways you can make the most of it.

Boating and Fishing

When you’re out on the water, restroom facilities aren’t easily accessible. This is where Boxio comes to the rescue. Its compact design doesn’t take up much space on a boat, which is crucial when storage is limited.

With its efficient waste management system, there’s no risk of polluting the water. For anglers, it means more time fishing and less time heading back to shore for restroom breaks. 

Pro tip

A tip for boat owners: always secure the Boxio properly to avoid any mishaps while navigating choppy waters.

Camper Vans

Traveling in a camper van is all about freedom and efficiency. The Boxio fits perfectly into this lifestyle. Its compact size means it doesn’t eat up valuable van space. Made from 100% recycled materials, it aligns with the values of many vanlifers. Remember, it’s not only about saving space but also about protecting the environment. 

Pro tip

My advice for van enthusiasts: position your Boxio in an accessible spot in your van layout, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Overlanding Excursions

The journey matters more than the destination in overlanding. But restroom facilities? They’re unpredictable on these remote routes. This is where Boxio stands out. Designed for rugged environments, it’s dependable during those long stretches without any facilities. Waste management means that nature remains unaffected by our presence. 

Pro tip

When setting up camp, position the Boxio at a slight distance from your main campsite for added privacy and convenience.

For storing, keep it out of site by keeping it in your vehicle for the night so critters and large animals don’t get into it. 

In Your RV

image of inside an RV (recreational vehicle)
Image by Anna Lisa from Pixabay

While most RVs come with built-in toilets, there’s always a “just in case” scenario to consider. Boxio is the perfect backup. Its eco-friendly waste management keeps nature pristine, even in popular RV parks. 

Given its lightweight design, it’s never a burden to have on board. And with its simple setup, it’s a practical alternative.

Pro tip

Check waste levels in the Boxio frequently, especially if it’s your primary restroom during a trip.

Remote Work Locations

Whether it’s a research assignment in a dense forest or covering an event in the mountains, the Boxio is a game-changer. It’s portable, so it can easily be transported to even the most remote sites. 

Offering a clean and private solution, it’s a far cry from makeshift facilities often found in such places. Being environmentally friendly, there’s no risk of impacting the locations you might be working in. 

Pro tip

Always have some extra waste bags on hand, particularly if you’ll be at a remote site for an extended period.

Off-Grid Living

image of a toilet in a rustic off grid setting

Living off-grid is about being self-sufficient and in harmony with nature. Boxio aligns with this lifestyle without effort. Its waste management system is a benefit, making sure no harm comes to the surrounding environment.

Check out the detailed list of composting toilets specifically designed for off-grid living. 

Despite its compact design, it doesn’t compromise on functionality, proving valuable for those who choose this way of life. Given its construction from recycled materials, it’s in sync with the sustainable mindset of off-grid living. 

Pro advice

Conduct regular maintenance of your Boxio to prolong its lifespan in off-grid conditions. If I were you, investing in a better composting toilet for off-grid locations definitely could be the wiser choice. 

How to Use the Boxio Toilet Effectively

image of the boxio toilet for camping-how to use the boxio toilet effectively

Using the Boxio Toilet is straightforward. Let’s go through its setup, maintenance, and what to watch out for.

Set-Up Instructions

Setting up the Boxio Toilet is almost as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Here’s how…

  1. Place the Boxio Toilet on a flat surface, ensuring that it is stable.
  2. Unfold the urine diverter and line the solid waste container with one of Boxio’s compostable bags. Toss in a handful of hemp litter to prep for use.
  3. The toilet is now ready! Just sit down and use it as you would any regular toilet.

Remember, after each use, sprinkle over the waste with hemp litter to bind any odors.

 With this setup, you’re good for about 8-10 uses before needing to empty the contents. Simple, right?

Maintenance and Upkeep

Taking care of your Boxio Toilet is straightforward. Regularly check and empty the urine and solid containers to keep things fresh. Use Boxio’s hemp litter after each use to bind any after smells. 

Clean the toilet with mild soapy water as needed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid overfilling the containers. It’s easier to manage and less messy. Don’t skimp on the hemp litter, as it’s the key to controlling odors. And always remember, toilet paper can go in the waste container or be disposed of separately.

Wrapping Up

The Boxio Toilet stands out as a practical choice for various outdoor activities, proving its versatility time and again. Whether you’re using the Boxio Toilet for camping, overlanding, or enjoying a lakeside retreat, this toilet can be your trusty companion.

If you’ve been considering a reliable outdoor toilet solution, now might be the time to make that investment.

For those wanting more guidance on maximizing outdoor adventures and sustainable solutions, be sure to visit my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How easy is the Boxio Toilet to set up and use while camping?

The Boxio Toilet is user-friendly and designed with campers in mind. To set it up, just fold the urine diverter, fill the waste container with a BOXIO-BAG, and toss in some hemp litter.

From there, it functions similarly to a regular toilet, ensuring a comfortable experience even in the wilderness.

What makes the Boxio Toilet more environmentally friendly compared to other camping toilets?

The Boxio Toilet is a testament to sustainable design. It features a low-water flush system, which conserves water compared to many toilets. Further, its primary construction material is recycled plastic. 

Both the durable Euroboxes and the optimized urine separator are made from regenerated plastic in Germany. This construction method decreases environmental impact while still providing a premier camping toilet.

How do I clean and maintain the Boxio Toilet during and after a camping trip?

Cleaning the Boxio Toilet is a breeze. After usage, simply sprinkle the solid waste with the hemp litter and secure the lid. The toilet is made of plastic that’s easy to clean, so you can quickly get back to enjoying your trip.

And for those extended adventures, its large waste container lets you go for extended periods without disposal.

Does the Boxio Toilet come in different sizes or models suitable for various camping needs?

Currently, the Boxio Toilet has dimensions of 14.75 x 11.81 x 11.0 inches, which is optimized for a variety of camping situations. Its design prioritizes both ease of use and stability, ensuring it’s suitable for many outdoor activities.

This updated model has several new features based on user feedback, but its foundational design remains, promising consistency.

Are there any current promotions or seasonal discounts available for the Boxio Toilet?

For up-to-date promotions or discounts, I’d suggest visiting the official website or contacting their customer service. They often run special offers, especially as the camping season approaches.

Is there a trial period or return policy if I’m not satisfied with the Boxio Toilet after purchase?

Yes, Boxio prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely pleased with your Boxio products, you can return them without complications. To initiate a return, download the return label from the platform where you made the purchase. 

Note that the return label’s cost will be deducted from your refund. Ensure the products are unused, undamaged, clean, and complete.

 It’s ideal to send your Boxio products in the original packaging to avoid any damage during transport. If the hygiene seal is broken upon trying, inform the company.

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